Special Subjects​

Fine Arts

The art department at Saint Gertrude School provides a creative environment in which students can cultivate their artistic talent. Students will have the opportunity to explore several media and techniques and sharpen perception of aesthetic qualities by studying characteristics of beauty as reflected in God’s creation.


Instruction in Latin is consistent with our mission, beliefs, and identity as a Catholic school. Latin is the universal and unchanging language of the Catholic Church and therefore the definitive medium for the exposition of doctrine, dogma, and Divine truth.

The formal study of Latin for students at St. Gertrude School begins in the third grade. As students progress in grade level, so also does the frequency and rigor of our Latin program. Graduates of St. Gertrude School are therefore prepared to further their study of world languages as they advance in their education.

Notable benefits for instruction in Latin include:

  • Latin connects students more deeply to their Catholic heritage and permanency in the life of the body of Christ, the Church.
  • Latin is a discipline and trains the student’s mind to function systematically and with precision.
  • Latin strengthens the student’s understanding, use, and proficiency of English.
  • Latin provides students the foundation and competency to access other languages and cultures.

Physical Education

Students at Saint Gertrude School learn about sportsmanship, the rules and regulations of games and how to cultivate discipline of the body and endurance. In earlier grades, there is an emphasis on the safety, teamwork and care of equipment. In the older grades, the program promotes fitness and instills self-confidence in each student.


The music department offers students the chance to enjoy music while developing their skills. Students are exposed to music from several of time periods and cultures and learning liturgical music. In early grades, students focus on the fundamentals of music with the primary goal of learning simple rhythms by playing Orff instruments and through movement. Progressing into fourth grade, all students learn to play the recorder, where they are instructed in proper technique for the instrument and how to play as part of a group. Junior high students use Soundtrap, an online digital workstation designed to create music.

Saint Gertrude School’s annual musical performances include the Christmas Pageant, Primary Program, Passion Play and Talent Show.