Library & Technology


The library supports the educational program and the students by developing research skills including how to best utilize library materials and find high-quality information. Students learn valuable research tools using both traditional book sources and a variety of technology sources for cross-curricular projects. Additionally, the library helps students fall in love with reading by helping students find exciting recreational reading.

Through the Accelerated Reader program, students are presented with developmentally appropriate book recommendations to help students find their next favorite book and offering enticing rewards.


Saint Gertrude School students are introduced to using computers as a tool for learning beginning in kindergarten and build their knowledge through eighth grade. Students have access to Chromebooks and learn the Google Suite of Apps, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Chromebooks are a tool used to support classroom instruction.

Each classroom has Dell interactive boards further augmenting the students’ interaction with and understanding of technology.

St. Gertrude School Advisory Committee, Statement on Technology Use

Each classroom has Dell interactive boards further augmenting the students’ interaction with and understanding of technology.Consistent with St. Gertrude’s commitment to providing academic excellence in the Dominican tradition—preaching truth, practicing virtue, and loving one another in Christ—the school embraces a community-wide approach to the identification, evaluation, and integration of technology to support our students’ learning.

New technologies are used which:

  • Support the creation and implementation of learning plans.
  • Expand educators’ instructional repertoire to appeal to the needs of a variety of learners.
  • Facilitate and encourage digital literacy across the curriculum.
  • Foster collaborative relationships between teachers, students, and their families.
  • Promote a healthy respect for and usage of technology.

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