6543 Miami Ave
Madeira, OH 45243
(513) 561-8020

St. Gertrude School offers academic excellence in the Dominican tradition: preaching truth, practicing virtue, and loving one another in Christ.

Philosophy of Education

St. Gertrude School embraces a philosophy which is committed to the education of children in partnership with parents. The school is committed to:

  • enhancing the child’s sense of self through the development of God-given talents.
  • aiding parents in their child’s spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development.
  • helping students to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • a loving respect for all people, in recognition of their God-given dignity.
  • a positive focus on the virtues, striving for heaven.
  • love for the Church and teaching all subjects in relation to the truths of faith.
  • the on-going faith formation and professional development of our faculty.
  • living as a family of faith, serving the needs of others.