Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) supports the pastor, principal, teachers and parents in advancing the cause of Catholic education. The organization is made up of anyone interested in St. Gertrude School – everyone is welcome to volunteer!

Get Involved

If you would like to join us in making a positive contribution to St. Gertrude School, let us know. Please attend a monthly PTO Meeting or contact the secretary below for more information.

2023-2024 SGS Parent Teacher Organization

Ashlee Wooten, Chair

Gina Conger, Vice Chair

Amy Weidenbacher, Past Chair

Jon Martin, Treasurer

Anne Blom, Secretary

Kelly Woodward, Ex Officio, School Advisory Committee Liaison

School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) of St. Gertrude School is a group of parents who assist the pastor and principal to carry out the educational mission of the school. The committee meets on monthly basis.

Each spring, the SAC is seeking nominees for new members.

2023-2024 School Advisory Committee

Marketing: Jen Frost, Michelle Rossmann, Kelly Woodward

Finance: Rob Mancini, Jason Hemak, Stavra Roehrig

Education: Justin Chmiel, Julia Bruns, Benji Wooten