St. Gertrude School

St. Gertrude School fosters excellence in each student through exceptional Catholic academic development and faith formation. Our grade school is a special blend of timeless wisdom and spiritual discovery, a place where learning and communion flourish. Where children build a lasting relationship with God, treasured friendships with each other, and discover a home not just for nine years, but for life.

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Gather in Faith. Guide in Truth. Grow in Excellence

For over 85 years, our Dominican charism to gather in faith, guide in truth, and grow in excellence has provided the foundation for our students to flourish and lead a full life for the glory of God.

We nurture students as they strengthen their relationship with God and each other and provide an intimate community rooted in the Dominican charism of grace, friendship, freedom, and confidence.

Elevating the unique Dominican charism, we provide an intellectual formation through the Gospel spirit of veritas – truth – that forms wisdom, clarity, and a foundation of a life of virtue.

We encourage excellence in each child through exceptional Catholic academic development and faith formation to lead a life of happiness, fulfillment, and joy.







“With God’s grace, we are building up our students in every way – teaching them to build intellectual and moral virtues so that they can go forth to build a culture of hope marked by freedom and peace that will radiate out to the whole world.”

Principal Sister Maria Christi