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St. Gertrude School students have the opportunity to participate in a number of sports including football (K-8), cheerleading (K-8), girls’ basketball (3-8), girls’ volleyball (3-8), boys’ basketball (3-8) track (K-8) and baseball (3-8). Sports are run by St. Gertrude Boosters, a group of volunteers that have been elected to facilitate all St. Gertrude sponsored athletics in the GCCYS (Greater Cincinnati Catholic Youth Sports), GCYL (Greater Catholic Youth League), or CTCYO (Cincinnati Track Catholic Youth Organization).

Sports Leader is a virtues-based program that instills the importance of virtue to our athletes, coaches, and their families inside and outside of sports. The Sports Leader program was designed to help our children become strong young women and men not only on the outside but on the inside.

To play, students must be a registered member of the parish and your child must be enrolled in St. Gertrude School, the St. Gertrude Religious Education Program, or the St. Gertrude Home-School group. To register, please visit www.sgsbulldogs.org



“I am so thankful for St. Gertrude’s Sports Leader Program. As a parent and coach, I have deeply appreciated being able to witness how my players live out the program’s virtues of respect, perseverance, and sacrifice on and off the court. I feel blessed to say that with the tools that have been provided for me, I have been able to not only teach my players some of the fundamentals of basketball, but also have been given the gift of being able to empower them to live as disciples of Christ.”
Matt Joncas
Current Parent and Coach