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Weekly Mass

Students attend school Mass each Thursday afternoon at 1:45. A different class leads the weekly Mass, preparing the readings and petitions, while our school choir leads musical worship. Students sit in groups of mixed ages, with older children benefitting from their responsibility as leaders and younger children benefiting from positive older role models. Parish priests provide age-appropriate homilies that bring the gospel to life and help children understand the liturgical year. Parents, younger siblings, and parishioners are always welcome to attend.

Adoration in the School Chapel

In addition to the Perpetual Adoration available in St. Gertrude Parish’s Mother of Mercy Adoration Chapel, St. Gertrude School has its own chapel which is used for Eucharistic Adoration on the 1st Friday of every month. All grades on these 1st Fridays spend their religion classes adoring the Eucharist. The 8th graders take turns being Eucharist guardians.

Outside of 1st Friday Adoration, the chapel is available as a quiet place to pray during the school day. Confessions for the school students are heard twice a month.

"Having Adoration every month had a profound impact on my class as a whole and allowed each of us to develop a more personal relationship with Christ"
Marie Cordier
8th Grade Student
"I'm so thankful that my children are in an environment that allows them to love Jesus and experience Jesus. The opportunity for Adoration at St. Gertrude School is such a gift of Jesus' peace, and when my children say, 'Can we go to Adoration?', I thank God for transforming their hearts in ways I would never be able to on my own. "
Mary Pung
Current Parent