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Preparation for sacraments is a very joyful time for our students. Students receive instructional preparation from our Dominican sisters for the reception of Penance, First Communion, and Confirmation. Penance and First Communion are received by 2nd graders and Confirmation by 8th graders. Preparation is a spiritual, family experience, and students grow in their sense of community and their connection to the Church.

Atrium Learning

The Catechesis of the the Good Shepherd is a unique integrated faith formation program for primary grade students.  It combines the pedological principles of Maria Montessori, the theological moorings of Hebrew scholarship, Scripture studies, and Roman Catholic liturgy and doctrine.  Each child forms a personal relationship with Christ through Scripture and sensorial materials on the life of Christ prepared for them in the Atrium. The Atrium is a space carefully created to help allow the teachings, joy, and mystery of God to be explored through concrete materials integrating and depicting Parables, Biblical scenes, and parts of the Mass.

" The Confirmation preparation at St. Gertrude has lovingly prepared our daughter to be a witness for Christ. The spiritual retreats and outstanding religious instruction helped her develop a personal relationship with Christ. Her increased knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit has empowered her to defend her faith and allowed God to work in her daily life. We are forever grateful for the preparation she received at St. Gertrude. "
Kim Downey
alumni parent
“The Atrium is a great place to learn about Jesus. We can lead a Mass service, with a real Bible, an altar, and a tabernacle. We also learn about Israel, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and other places in the Bible.”
Francis Chan
Grade 3 Student