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Emmaus is a leadership and discipleship program for 7th/8th graders that meets once-per-week during the lunch/recess hour. Emmaus creates an atmosphere where students can simply be themselves, grow in friendship, and experience Christ working in their lives. They spend time learning how to pray and exploring various aspects of Christian leadership in a practical way. Emmaus students produce videos for the entire student body, put on student-teacher luncheons, run religion class sessions, share their testimonies for first communicants and for the entire school before Mass, put on a retreat for the 6th grade class, and organize canned food drives.


Households is an inter-grade program meant to establish community across grades lines, build strong relationships, and develop and nurture leadership skills. Students from grades 2-8 are organized into small groups with a teacher or administrator as an advisor. These groups meet twice a month and students remain in the same group for their career at St. Gertrude School. The 8th grade members of these Households lead their group through various activities including spiritual exercises and other school spirit activities.

" St. Gertrude has provided me with some great leadership opportunities with Households and Emmaus. Being a household leader has given me great leadership experience interacting with students in the other grades. I have grown more confident in my leadership skills and I was able to use my experience on my high school application. Emmaus is a leadership group for seventh and eighth graders that meets every Wednesday during lunch. We talk about leadership, raise money for charities, and talk about ways to make the school a better place. I never thought getting together with some of my friends to talk about God could be so much fun. It is awesome! "
Jimmy Stines