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Goals for nutrition education, physical activity, and other school-based activites that promote wellnessResponsible party (ies)
Nutrition Education
Implement health objectives as stated in graded course of studyHealth teachers
Nutrition guidelines, MyPlate signage, healthy food choices, and/or messages related to health and nutirition posted in or near cafeteriaFood Services Manager
School lunch periods scheduled so as to provide nourishment within a reasonable time frame from the start of the school dayAdministration
Recess and/or healthy snack breaks scheduled for students as needed to maintain energy levelsTeachers, Administration
Physical Activity
Students will participate in the school's physical education program (when not prevented by injury or doctor's order). Students are expected to dress appropriately for gym class; if they do not, they will be participate in some type of physical activityStudents, PE teacher
Implement physical education objectives in graded course of studyPE teacher
Students K-8 will have access to recessTeachers
Students will do physical activity in lieu of standing or sitting out during free play timeTeachers, recess monitors
Teachers will be discouraged from having students miss more than half of recess to complete unfinished class work.Administration
Students will be encouraged to participate in school and community sports programsParents, administration, teachers
Other School-Based Activities
Parents and teachers will be informed about benefits of non-food rewards for student behaviorAdmininstration, SGS Wellness Committee
Teachers and parents will be informed of the benefits of providing healthly snacks during designated snack times, and for birthday treats. Suggestions for non-edible and healthy treats will be communicated to parents.Administration, SGS Wellness Committee
Individuals will be provided with opportunity for proper handwashing prior to eatingFaculty, administration, cafeteria personnel
Parents will be provided with information on nutrition and benefits of physical activityAdministration, SGS Wellness Committee
Teachers will be informed of training opportunities in nutrition and physical activitiesAdministration
Non-food fundraisers will be encouragedAdministration, PTO, faculty, parents
Nutrition guidelines for all foods available on school campus during the school day
School lunch program will follow nutritional guidelines established by Ohio Department of Education, Office of Child Nutrition ServicesFood Services Manager
Food products sold on premises during school hours will follow the 'healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010" and the Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards.Food Services Manager, SGS Wellness Committee, Administration
Potable water will be readily availableFacilities Management
A safe environment will be provided for individuals with peanut and other food-related allergiesFood Services Manager, Administration
Plan for measuring implementation of the St. Gertrude Wellness Program
The Wellness Policy asks that additional questions or comments be directed to the Food Service Manager

Wellness Committee Assessments
Reviewed August 2016
-Reviewed August 2015