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St. Gertrude School welcomes students from over 26 school districts. Every year we have students join us from other schools and other cities as families make changes for job opportunities or decide to enroll their children in a Catholic School. Our faculty is very familiar with helping students and parents with this transition.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Do you accept students after Kindergarten?

We accept students at all grade levels based on availability. For this coming school year, we do have a few spaces available in several grade levels. Please contact the office to learn more.

My child is entering middle school. Is it too late to start a Catholic education?

We have had a number of families join our school in the middle school years. We believe that learning to be Catholic is a lifelong endeavor and our teachers are able to meet every child where they are in terms of their understanding of our faith. Children’s needs change dramatically during this time and our families have expressed gratitude for being part of a community of shared values both in and out of school hours.

My child is behind in the receipt of sacraments. How is this handled?

While many children receive their First Holy Communion and make their First Reconciliation in the second grade, there is no “right” or “wrong” time for these very special sacraments. This should be a time of incredible joy for your child and your whole family and our faculty and parish will work with you to determine the best timing.

I’m worried my child is behind academically in his/her current school. How do we know if SGS is a fit?

Your child can visit the school and “shadow” with another student to experience what it would be like to be a student here. Also, our faculty can evaluate to see what your child’s areas of strength or weakness may be and make plans or a recommendation for how to proceed.

We’re moving here to Cincinnati over the summer. What’s the best way for my child to make friends?

No matter when your child(ren) transition, we are happy to introduce you to another family with a student or students the same ages as your own. We know how much easier the first day of school can be when there is a familiar face or two (and that goes for parents, too!) Over the summer, our community organizes community playdates at various parks and other low-cost venues. We also have a New Family Committee that organizes back-to-school events.