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Our Outdoor Classroom

Helping our children to see the beauty of the universe and the order and harmony of the created world is an important part of our school’s teaching. Our outdoor classroom is used by all grade levels for lessons and activities. The wooded setting is an ideal place to bring to life STEM/Science topics including chicken raising, gardening, and maple tree tapping.


Our students are equipped with all the tools to succeed in a 21st century learning environment. Technology is used to support a creative learning process, with all teachers having access to Smart Classroom tools to aid in the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. We have a 1:1 age-appropriate device ratio and students are encouraged to utilize available tools for writing, storyboarding, and publishing multi-media presentations of their work. Accelerated reading and math programs support classroom learning objectives and help teach children the test-taking skills that will serve them throughout their academic careers.

"​Classroom activities, laboratory experiments, and the outdoor education classroom have the students doing science rather than just learning about science."
Jennifer Mansfield
Current parent and Annual Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology, University of Cincinnati Clermont College
"Strong academic standards based in faith were important factors in choosing a school for our four children. St. Gertrude combines the traditional classroom setting with a modern day, innovative approach to learning, including an outdoor classroom and incorporation of STEM based activities. My children have thrived in this environment, and I look forward to their continued adventures here."
Dr. Jennifer Messer Kaniecki
current parent